We Want to Believe in X-Files 3

Science/Fantasy Monday: We Want to Believe in X-Files 3

Calling on Science Fiction fans and X-Philes! There’s a new Twitter campaign to get an X-Files 3 movie greenlit.  Admittedly, even I don’t really believe that trending on Twitter is going to directly cause 20th Century Fox to make a new movie, BUT if we can get this hashtag: #XF3 to Trend on Twitter perhaps the producers will realize that there are enough of us fans out there still who are willing to pay money to see another X-Files movie, making it worthwhile for them to at least consider it.

The organization of this campaign is thanks to the folks at X-Files News.com, and you can go here for an explanation of how the campaign is working (it started last night), and here for the latest “Twitter Power Window” schedules, during which they are trying to get everyone in the world to Tweet in the same 2-hour window.

However, the hope is that people will continue to Tweet using the #XF3 hashtag from now until Hawaii hits midnight on Nov 22nd.

So come on folks! Come join the fun! Flood @20thcenturyfox with more #XF3 tweets than they know what to do with, and show them that the Philes are still alive and well.  We’re ready and willing to spend money on a new movie if the producers are.  You know we haven’t had enough Mulder and Scully yet! So make sure Twitter knows it!

We want to come back!