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  2. i have always thinking to pursue a degree in English Literature. but your education backgrounds are just stunning!

    • Aw, thanks! I’m just a big geek at heart. I love academia and I feel far more comfortable on a college campus than I do in the “real world.” So I just keep taking classes. Lol.

  3. Life has so much to offer, I can’t believe more people don’t seek education, knowledge, and wisdom. I hope you feel blessed to be one of these people, for your journey will never end, but what you learn will be invaluable.

    • I completely agree! There is so much to learn in this world, I don’t think I could ever get enough. It makes it so much more interesting and fulfilling, and even though it can be stressful and exhausting, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Well, I studied Theology because I have a very complicated relationship with my own faith — I was raised Catholic (and attended a Jesuit undergrad university), but I’ve been non-practicing for a long time and certain things in my life made it increasingly difficult to reconcile my faith with the world. Honestly, I sometimes thinking taking classes like “Theories of Religion” just made it more difficult to believe rather than easier. But I loved those classes for opening my eyes to so many different points of view.

      I’m still conflicted about my faith. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet. Perhaps I never will.

  4. I was amazed with your credentials. I was about to finish my MA in English Language Teachings but due to financial constraints, I deferred my my studies. More Power Amanda!

  5. Hello Amanda, an honour to read you. I am a mexican musician now studying my second degree and I have chosen Hispanic Literature and Lingüistics. Very exciting this literature world! 🙂

    Nice it was the discovery of your blog, now I´m reading you often! Have a nice week and big hugs from México City.

    • Thank you so much! I absolutely ADORE every kind of music! I’m a major audiophile and I have so much respect and admiration for musicians. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog.

    • Theology is just so fascinating and so important to our understand of the human condition. I’m a postmodernist at heart, but I hate it when postmodernists completely dismiss religion. Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to turn that minor into a B.A. in Theology or Comparative Religion.

      And Karl Barth? I’m not familiar with him.

      • Karl Barth was a Swiss Christian (died in his early 80’s) 1886-1968. He was part of what came about in the 1920’s, and what then came to be called the new “dialectical” theology and movement. And he was part of the so-called “Confessing Church” in the early 1930’s in Germany, Barth was within the “Reformed” Synod, and in 1934 Barth composed what was called the Barmen Declaration, which rejected all other authorites other than Jesus Christ, and His Lordship. Later of course Barth had to leave Germany, and he returned to his native Switzerland. From there he wrote the main text (1932 to 1968) of his famous ‘Church Dogmatics’ or simply CD..which he in fact was still somewhat working on until his death, (13 volumes, 14 with index). It is massive, over 6 million words long! It is contexual, but also the volumes are written chronologically. Here Barth explores the whole of Christian doctrine, in the challenge of Jesus Christ, and His Lordship. He is considered to be a Reformed Christian, theologically, but here again his theology is certainly “dialectical”, and what we would call modern.

        I have read the whole CD through once! (Back in the late 90’s) And now read the CD as to theological or biblical subject. Btw, for what its worth, I hold both the D.Phil., and the Th.D. I am now a semi-retired Anglican priest in the USA. I am Brit.

        • Wow, that’s impressive. He definitely sounds like someone I should read. Thank you so much for the recommendation and so much background info! I really appreciate it.

        • And Amanda,

          Just to spice it up, Barth had a student-researcher, really a companion and collaborator, a female much younger than he…Charlotte von Kirschbaum, who lived in his household for 35 years! And Barth was even married to another woman, this is a whole other can of worms, but again worth the effort if like theology, and some drama therein! 😉

        • Amanda,

          I should say I am kidding somewhat about Barth and von Kirschbaum. Though there are a few books written about their relationship, they were both seriously involved in Barth’s CD, more so than with each other, I believe anyway. But Barth did perhaps love her in a different way? We can but speculate? It was a different time then. But no doubt Charlotte loved Dr. Barth, she loved helping him perhaps more on his CD. And btw, when she became ill (brain problems), that was the end of the CD. It was never really finished. Note, however that Miss von Kirschbaum is buried in the Barth family plot, with both himself and his wife. Barth died first, 1968.. then Charlotte, 1975. And last was Barth’s wife Nelly, 1976.

          Well just a bit of Karl Barth and history!

  6. I just found your blog on Freshly Pressed. I love your post on literary tattoos. I just graduated from UH. Its crazy to think we were on the same campus but I didn’t hear about you until I moved to Cleveland for grad school 🙂

  7. I love the blog and that you try not to make it too personal, yet what personal parts you do throw in is great. I’m not the best writer but I do have a love for writing and English.

  8. Just out of curiosity- did you ever get a tattoo? I stumbled across that blog post from years ago, but didn’t find a follow up post. I’m going to get words as well.

    • Oh boy, “years ago” – Wow, don’t make me feel so old. That post is only 2 years old (and not even quite that actually). And no, I still haven’t done it. I keep thinking about it but I haven’t done it. Every year, I think “maybe for my birthday” and every year I hold off. Eventually…

      • Two is still plural, haha. With age comes wisdom? Good luck- I’m clinging to the threads of my courage, until I get the money. Needle phobia, I will conquer you!

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