Blog Update

Hey there, folks! As you can probably tell, I’ve made just a few changes to the blog.  Mostly cosmetic.  Just to give you a quick rundown:

I changed the theme to Twenty Eleven, because I was looking for something more streamlined and also more versatile.  I changed the header image.  I still love the other image, which was done by my friend Denny (whose website, Insanesoft, is over there in the Links list), but I decided I wanted something that better reflected me personally and the wide range of topics I tend to ramble about on this blog, so my great great friend, Nathan Wilson, kindly agreed to create this new header image for free (I tried to pay him, but of course he wouldn’t let me).

I’ve slightly updated the “About” page, and added a new page that contains a list (a short one) of the few articles and things I’ve had published so far.  Hopefully that list will continue to grow over the next couple years.  *fingers crossed*

I also streamlined the categories I used, and went through EVERY SINGLE POST to update both the categories and tags.  And I’ve added a category drop down list to the sidebar.

The next thing I need to do is update the blogroll.  I feel bad because there are a number of blogs I follow that have not made it onto the blogroll (I haven’t updated the thing in months and months!), but that’s next on the agenda and hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.

I hope you like the new look to the blog.  I haven’t made too many changes in terms of content.  I’ll still be rambling about all the things I have been.  However, as you may have noticed over the last couple months, I’m not really holding myself to that 3 posts a week schedule I tried so hard to keep up with last year.  With my schedule, it was simply untenable.  So, if you all don’t mind too much, I’m just going to go with the flow for now.  I will post as often as I can (and I know it’s been a week now, sorry), but I’ll post when I actually have something interesting to share and some energy to share, as well.  I’m not going to force it right now.  Quite frankly, between school work and teaching, working on rewrites for Midnight’s Knife, the blog, and myriad other things I’m involved in, I’ve lost a lot of my energy.  So I’m trying to find a way to make this work for me, in a way that will allow to keep up both my energy and my interest, and hopefully, therefore, keep things interesting for you as well.

Hopefully, I’ll have something new posted in the next few days.  Thanks for sticking around as long as you have, and have a great rest of the week!

12 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I likes it! Especially the header. It definitely fits you :). Did you have a hard time landing on a theme that fit? Dunno about you, but I waffle over those until I’m blue in the face, haha.

  2. Love it! The new header instantly made me go, “Ooh, that’s Amanda!” Right down to your very long braid! It’s fun to play around and update the ol’ blogaroo sometimes.

    • Hehe, it’s definitely fun to play around with the blog. And I’m glad you like the header. Nathan’s good at capturing my personality. Of course, as long as he’s known me, I shouldn’t be surprised. Lol.

  3. Of course I didn’t let you pay for it! Besides, I was originally intending to have this done by your birthday, but we can see how well *that* turned out.

    By the way, Christie mentioned something last night… For all the ranting we do about Sherlock Holmes, there’s a curious absence of him in your bookshelves. Maybe I could update the header at some point to rectify this and add a few things down the line. There’s still room on those shelves!

    • OMG! You’re right! How did we miss that?! That’s a travesty. We’re definitely going to have to rectify that at some point. I’m ashamed of myself…

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