Four Webcomic “Shorts” You Really Must See

Four Webcomic “Shorts” You Really Must See

I don’t read as many webcomics as some people do (I just don’t have the time), but I love the ones I do read, and I follow them religiously.  My favorites are in the Links list on the right side, for those who are curious.

I didn’t occur to me at first that along with the usual sort of webcomics, which are formatted as either strips or pages and which update on a regular basis, you could also have webcomic “shorts.”  A sort of short one-short story in comic form.  Then one friend introduced me to “Our Blood-Stained Roof” by Ryan A., and I was cured of my ignorance.  Now, I love webcomic shorts, especially those that are unique in style, and tell intriguing and strange stories.  It takes a lot of talent to both plan/write the story and to do the drawing/painting as well.

Here are four webcomic shorts that I absolutely love, and think you’ll enjoy too.  I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t give you any sort of summary for these (some of them would be kind of hard to describe anyway).  Just take my word for it: they’re wonderful.

“Our Blood-Stained Roof”

by Ryan Andrews

“Nothing Is Forgotten”

by Ryan Andrews


By Boulet

“The Roller Blades of Suleimaniya”

by Sarah Glidden

I hope you enjoy them.  Please tell me what you think, and if you know of any good webcomics “shorts,” please feel free to share them!

5 thoughts on “Four Webcomic “Shorts” You Really Must See

  1. Oh…damn! I just stumbled upon Darkness a couple of days ago! I loved it so much I sent links to basically anyone I know who reads comics. I do know Joey and Denny both liked a lot, I can tell you that much 😛

    I just loved the story, the humor and especially the art. I haven’t seen anything by Boulet before, but I checked out his site and this guy just blew my mind. I love the art style he uses, and it just makes me want to read more stuff. (Fun fact, it also turns out he worked on the Donjon comic book. Yet another reason that series is awesome)

    As for the rest, I admit I haven’t read or heard of any of them, but I plan on changing that.

        • …Man, I’m so good at showing people awesome stuff, I still can’t believe myself sometimes XD

          I’d seriously recommend just going trough Boulet’s site. He has some amazing stuff posted there. (Though I can imagine you have done that already)

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