Crowdsourcing a Compilation of Adjunct Working Conditions

For those who are unfamiliar with adjuncting conditions, here is some good (and depressing) information about what many of your college instructors live on. Folks, it ain’t pretty. There has been much discussion in various places (such as the MLA, various teachers organizations, and a few individual departments) about assuring that adjuncts can receive a livable wage and some basic benefits. But the chances of forcing universities and colleges to do this when they’ve been getting away with not doing it for so long are pretty slim unless enough people make enough noise about it.


2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing a Compilation of Adjunct Working Conditions

  1. Odd. I always thought professors were super-well paid? This is totally new information for me, and it makes sense why a lot of my professors here at community college are so miserable. Then again, I think some of these people are just here because it’s their only option, for whatever reason, and they take it out on their students. Both situations are frustrating (though one is pissing me off more at the moment for obvious reasons), but I do think professors should be paid better than that. Though, aren’t adjunct professors only part time? I’ve never heard the definition before and just assumed based on in-text context. Hehe…

    • SOME tenured professors are super-well paid, but the disparity between those professors and everyone else is ENORMOUS. An adjunct professor is someone who is hired as an instructor, who is not placed on a path toward tenure, who teaches either part-time or full-time, on a course by course, semester by semester wage, rather than on a salary. They get VERY LITTLE pay (sometimes just barely minimum wage), no benefits, no job security, and are often required to teach 4 or more courses per semester in order to a) keep the job, and b) survive on the money they’re getting. And believe me, teaching 4 or 5 courses per semester is extremely stressful, difficult, and unreasonable. It’s like expecting someone to work 60 or more hrs per week on minimum wage (or less). The adjunct situation in colleges (but most especially in english departments) is an ENORMOUS problem right now.

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