A Schizophrenic Link Mash-Up

(Late) Free-For-All Friday: A Schizophrenic Link Mash-Up

Okay, so it’s saturday, but here’s my “friday” post.  Because I haven’t done one of these in a while, and because I don’t have time for much else, here’s a new blog/article mash-up of some of the things I’ve read over the week.  Just to warn you, this is a really scattered schizophrenic list of posts because… well, just because it’s the way I am.

First up, a couple science-related posts that couldn’t wait until Monday: “The World’s Lightest Solid”(which is less dense than AIR); and “Is the New Physics Here: Atom Smashers Get An Antimatter Surprise” which discusses new evidence provided by the Large Hadron Collider, which might explain the unequal amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe.

Next, two different explanations of yesterday’s police brutality incident at University of California at Davis, which is completely APPALLING.  First, from Reader Supported News, an overview with several videos: “UC Davis Police Violence Adds Fuel to Fire.”  And next, an “Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi” who is the Chancellor of UC Davis, written by a UC Davis faculty member.

For writers in the audience, another open letter.  This one is from Sebastien Marshall, and it’s “An Open Letter to Simon and Schuester CEO Carolyn Reidy.”  I don’t agree with everything this blogger/author says, though I think many writers (both traditional and indie) would agree with at least the general sentiment.  It definitely offers some food for thought though.

Also for writers: yet another brilliant post from Chuck Wendig entitled “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law,” in which you will find Tribalism, writer mentalities, and Lord of the Flies analogies.  And which made me literally stand up and shout: AMEN, BROTHER! AMEN!”

This one is fun but a little long: a creative non-fiction piece called “Finally, an Asian Who Packs a Punch” which discusses boxer Manny Pacquiao and his cultural impact, written by Thea Lim (one of the nonfiction editors of Gulf Coast, the prestigious literary journal at University of Houston), and published on Salon.com.

Also published on Salon.com: “The Coming Out Story I Never Though I’d Write” from Steve Kornacki, one of Salon.com’s editors.

Then, an article about Catholicism and sexuality written by the friend of a friend named John Falcone, and published by Huffington Post: “The Catholic Church and Sexuality: If Only the Hierarchs Would Listen and Learn.”

Next, here’s one for women and men to both pay attention to (for somewhat different reasons): “‘I Need More Evidence,’ and Other Things That Probably Make You a Mansplainer” — ie, the ways men make women feel emotional and/or irrational.

For an example of the immense and never-ending stupidity of Congress: “US Congress Rules that Pizza is a Vegetable” — and if that doesn’t completely piss you off, I worry about you.

And finally, because we all need a good laugh after that, take a look at the “Mortal Kombat Tesla Coil WIN”!

So there you have it, folks. The very diverse (and somewhat insane) list of things I’ve read over the week (minus a few of the Occupy Wall Street-related articles, because I doubt you care to read ALL of the ones I read in a week).  Enjoy!  And I’ll see you on Monday.  Hopefully…


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