Amanda’s To-Be-Read Pile

Bookworm Wednesday: Amanda’s To-Be-Read Pile

I haven’t had the time to start any new books yet this week or last week, so in lieu of a new book review, here are a few of the books that just came out or are coming out soon that I’m really looking forward to reading (with their descriptions).  Note: click on the image to go to the goodreads page for each book.

Amanda’s To-Be-Read Pile:

The Diviner by Melanie Rawn (2 August 2011 – this one’s been out awhile, but I only recently found out about it): The only survivor of royal treachery that eliminates his entire family, Azzad al-Ma’aliq flees to the desert and dedicates himself to vengeance. With the help of the Shagara, a nomadic tribe of powerful magicians, he begins to take his revenge-but at a terrible cost to himself.  (Prequel novel to The Golden Key.)

Being Human by Patricia Lynne (8 September 2011): For Tommy, there is only one thing he needs to do: survive.

Only surviving isn’t that easy. The hunt for blood can be tricky when humans know to fear the night. Desire sits on the edge of his mind, urging him to become the monster humans think he is. Vampire Forces, a special branch of police, is determined to turn every vampire to ash. Tommy included.

The only human Tommy can trust is his twin brother. A bond connects them, and with Danny’s help, Tommy starts to understand the human world he struggles to survive in. He’ll learn what friendships means and feel the sting of betrayal, find that sometimes the worst monsters are very human, and come to understand that family means more than blood.

Tommy just wants to survive and he knows what he needs to do. But with the number of humans that mean more to him than a meal growing, he’ll learn there’s more to life than simple survival. He’ll discover being human doesn’t mean being a human.

Reamde by Neal Stephenson (20 September 2011): Having fled to British Columbia decades ago to avoid the draft, Richard Forthrast then amassed a fortune transporting marijuana over the border to Idaho. Now he spends his time playing a power-wielding online fantasy game and his money buying viral gold and other necessaries from Chinese gold farmers and, finally, launching his own techie start-up. Alas, one of the gold farmers sets off a virtual war for dominance that could be the end of Richard.

The Legend of Beka Cooper Book 3: Mastiff by Tamora Pierce (25 October 2011): The Legend of Beka Cooper gives Tamora Pierce’s fans exactly what they want—a smart and savvy heroine making a name for herself on the mean streets of Tortall’s Lower City—while offering plenty of appeal for new readers as well.

Beka and her friends will face their greatest and most important challenge ever when the young heir to the kingdom vanishes. They will be sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following a twisting road throughout Tortall. It will be her greatest Hunt—if she can survive the very powerful people who do not want her to succeed in her goal.

Skeleton Lake by Angela Kulig (21 October 2011): Unsure if she’s drowning or being saved, all Marlow wants to do is run away. Ensnared in a haunting love triangle, she realizes both boys have holes in their hearts; gaping spaces she can never hope to fill.

Scars from loving the same girl, a girl who managed to stay dead.

Now she is being hunted, for what she has become and what she never asked to be. Even as a Skeleton Marlow isn’t the worst thing in the night—she isn’t even close.

Breathe by Melanie McCullough (11 November 2011): Life’s hard. People make it harder. They tether you to them. Make it difficult to breathe, and damn-near impossible to leave…

Seventeen year-old Abby Rhoades knows this all too well. Born to a mother who could never love her and who vacillates between a sloppy drunk and a suicidal maniac, Abby’s never had it easy. But Abby can swim. And Abby has a plan–win the state championship, earn a free ride to Penn State, and leave her small town and suffocating mother behind.

But then the body of Tom Ford, her mother’s latest boyfriend and a man Abby adored, washes up along the shore of the Susquehanna River. His injuries suggest murder and suspicion quickly falls on Abby then on her best friend Garrett Scott, both of whom saw Tom the night he died.

They both know what happened that night, but neither one is talking. There’s too much at stake and the truth could tear them apart.

Pigments of My Imagination by Angela Kulig (11 November 2011): From the moment Lucia steps into Bayside Art Academy, she is fed a steady stream of lies, but it’s not until she meets Michael that she begins to question the people she trusts. Unraveling fact from fabrication seems impossible until Lucia finds her first painting, and discovers the dead do not lie–at least not to her.

A dozen lifetimes ago, Lucia started a war. Not a war with armies or guns, but a bloody war nonetheless. The path leading Lucia to the truth is hidden within lovely art that spans the ages. In this life, however, Lucia doesn’t know where to look. Lost, she turns to the one thing she knows with certainty–she is in love with Leo, and has been before.

ONE LAST THING: While we’re talking about books, I would like to take an opportunity to mention one more thing.  Neil Gaiman has already spread the word on Twitter, but more word-of-mouth never hurts.  A filmmaker in New York, Hannah Jayanti, is trying to make a documentary for the 50th Anniversary of The Phantom Tollbooth.  She has the blessing and the help of the writer Norton Juster and the illustrator Jules Feiffer.  She is trying to raise money on Kickstarter and I thought I would share that link with you all.  Because The Phantom Tollbooth as an absolute CLASSIC, and deserves to be remembered and celebrated.  Here’s the Kickstarter page: The Phantom TollBooth Turns 50: A Documentary.

Okay, that’s all from me folks.  (I’m having a horrendous day — car accident, school troubles, you name it — so I have a million things to take care.)  Feel free to chime in below!  Have you read any of the above books yet?  Are there any others you think I should add to be T0-Be-Read pile?  Any stories/comments about the ever-wondrous Phantom Tollbooth?  Sound off now!


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