The Versatile Blogger Award

EDIT: Due to the fact that wordpress had disappeared all the blogs I follow, I had difficulty thinking of blogs I should include.  Since publishing this post this afternoon, I have thought of one more blog that absolutely MUST be added to my list of nominations.  Even if you’ve already read this post, please scroll down to the bottom to take a look.  Thank you.

In lieu of my usual Bookworm Wednesday post, I have some more news.  My blog was very kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Ashley Prince of the blog Byron’s Curse!  Thank you so much, Ashley!  I really appreciate it.

There are four simple rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Post a link to the person who gave you the award.
  • Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.
  • Award 15 newly discovered blogs.
  • Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

So here goes: Seven Random Things About Amanda Rudd:

1)     I love to watch cartoons.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jane and the Dragon, and Phineas and Ferb are a few of my favorites.  As well as all the old 90s cartoons like Doug, Darkwing Duck, and Rainbow Brite.  I have never understood the mentality that says after you reach a certain age you should stop enjoying things like Saturday morning cartoons; I think that’s just silly.

2)     I have had the same bookbag since 7th grade (for those of you who can’t figure it out that’s 14 years).  It’s plain green canvas, nothing special.  Where most bookbags fall apart after a year or two, this bookbag has only two small holes after all these years, the zipper still works, and I love it.  I can’t imagine ever using any other bookbag and I will probably get the seams sewn back together before I give in and buy a new one.  However, toward the 2nd half the semester, when I have more books and papers to carry around than I can possibly fit in my bookbag, I also have to cart around a medium-sized duffel bag, which is quite literally filled with library books and student papers by finals week.

3)     I do not drive.  I know how.  But I don’t.  After a car accident when I was 19 yrs old, I’ve been afraid to get behind the wheel of a car.  So I carpool and bum rides off friends wherever go.  Which, unfortunately, means I do not go to as many events, parties, etc. that I would like to, but oh well.

4)     When we were little, my brother and I collected all the beanie babies, but our beanie babies were better because they could sing and they formed a gigantic band under the management of my brother’s Big Bad Wolf doll.  Also, I had a four-post bed that functioned as full-fledged pirate ship, flying carpet, the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701-D… as in from Star Trek, not the aircraft carrier), and an island surrounded by sharks and/or lava.

5)     I really do not like sports; I don’t like playing sports and don’t like watching sports.  With a few exceptions: I enjoy watching figure skating (yes, it’s a sport dammit!), I like watching tennis occasionally, and I LOVE watching motorcycle racing.  I’m a big fan of the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling) and cheer most loudly for Noriyuki Haga, who has raced for Ducati and now races for Aprilia.  He has finished third in the Superbike Championships four times, and won second place three times, but has NEVER won the championship, and is REALLY starting to frustrate me this season.

6)     My hair is the one physical feature I really like about myself.  I have never dyed it or permed it; I do not blow dry it, and I use A LOT of conditioner.  It is currently more than three and a half feet long, and almost (but not quite) reaches to the back of my knees.  (Also, when I was younger I really wished I had my dad’s blue eyes, but now I really wish I looked more like the Japanese side of my family.)

7)     I have known I wanted (downright NEEDED) to be a writer since I was in fourth grade and read The Hobbit for the first time.  I now keep an index of the all the story ideas/premises I come up with.  There are literally 100 of them now.  And my biggest, deepest fear in life is that I will die before I get to write at least half of them.

Okay, so there’s a few random things about me.  There’s plenty more I could say.  I’m a very eclectic (read: mildly insane) person.  But I think at this point you all know more than enough.

As for nominated 15 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award… Well, I’m not sure I even follow 15 blogs… So I’ve decided I’ll nominate 10 instead.  Of course, WordPress recently disappeared all the blogs I DO follow from my subscriptions list, so it’s going to take a little effort to find them all again.  But here goes:

My Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1) Jess Witkin’s The Happiness Project: Jess always has fascinating stories to tell, great “Guilty Pleasures” lists, and she’s one of the sweetest most supportive people on WordPress.

2) Angela Write Now: Angela Kulig is cool, tough, and supportive all at once.  She’s the creator of the #writingatgunpoint Twitter hashtag group, and she’s a fantastic writer to boot!

3) Tiffany A. White’s Ooo Factor: Tiffany writes about anything that makes you go “Ooo!” but her best posts, in my humble opinion, are her absolutely fantastic, spot-on TV show reviews, with one of the best and most creative rating systems out there.

4) Gene Lempp’s Blog: Gene’s weekly series “Designing from Bones” which uses archeology and artifacts from human culture to find and create stories is one of my favorite weekly-reads.  And his blog mash-ups are always full of awesome!

5) Kristen Lamb’s Blog: Kristen needs no help from me to generate traffic or gather avid/obsessive followers.  We are all priests/priestesses before the altar of Kristen, who is the Queen of Social Media and just plain AMAZING.

6) Terrible Minds: The same can be said for Chuck Wendig’s Blog.  His profanity-laced, hilarious, and supremely helpful posts about writing have made him a King among indie writers, and he really does need me to tell him how awesome he is.  But I’ll do it anyway.

7) The Feminine Miss Geek: The quintessential geek blog for GIRLS, this blog written by a group of 3 amazing women reminds us all that geekdom is not just a country for boys.  Plenty of girls are citizens too, and we’re damn proud of it.

8) EduClaytion: Clay’s blog covers just about every facet of pop culture you can think, and he does it flair and a great writing style.  He’s also a fellow academic, which makes me awesome in my book, though he’s ahead of me currently as he already has his PhD.  I’ll catch up eventually though!

9) I Read Banned Books: This blog by a librarian has more book reviews than you can shake a stick at! I’m still fairly new to this blog, but its awesome so far.  And the design of the blog just looks AMAZING.

10) The World in the Satin Bag: This blog by Shaun Duke began as an attempt to write an entire novel online, but it has since moved on to become a fantastic blog about various topics related to science fiction, fantasy, and other literary issues.  Shaun’s articles are always thoughtful, intellectual, and fascinating.  I only found him about a month ago, but I’ve been reading through his archives a LOT.

11) Annalise Green’s Blog: I blame WordPress for almost forgetting to include Annalise’s blog, but I absolutely HAD to come back to include it.  It’s brand-spankin’ new but I already love it! Annalise’s style is light-hearted, witty, and goofy.  Seriously, any blog that includes a page dedicated to her love of monkeys and another page dedicated to hatred of moths HAS to be awesome.

Okay, so admittedly, none of these blogs are all that “newly discovered.”  Some I’ve been following for months.  A few I’ve only discovered in that last two months (so I guess that’s still kind of new).  But they are all awesome, and you should go take a look at them.  Now I have to dash off to inform all these people that I nominated them.

I’ll see you all back here for Free-For-All Friday! Have a great day!

23 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the award, Amanda 🙂

    Thanks for nominating me for one as well, although I already have one (which you know). So, I’m going to pass it along to five others that I know (because I visit dozens of blogs every week) that are worthy of the award and don’t currently have one.

    Your’s is well-earned, your reviews of shows are extremely well-researched and some my favorite reads.

    So did the Beany Baby Band ever cut an album, er CD, er MP3 extravaganza? Sounds like they would have rocked the house.

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad I can keep my reviews interesting.

      And hah! My brother and I did actually “record” on a couple cassette tapes. I think my mother may even still have them.

  2. Thanks Amanda. Very kind. Although I don’t have a PhD unless my street smarts count. Then again, I don’t really have street smarts either, just great recall on 90s sitcoms.

    • Lol, okay. I thought you had a PhD. I know you don’t necessarily need to be a prof, but I always just assume… Ah well, I guess I’ll be beating you in a few years after all. 😀

  3. Thank you, Amanda! Super excited for my 1st blogging award! And thank you so much for the kind words!

    And I’m definitely going to check out ALL the blogs on that list! (Gene’s and Kristen’s and Terrible Minds I already know and love, but the others are delicious treats waiting to be unwrapped!)

    *happy dance*

    • Forgot to mention that we have the driving thing in common! Well, sort of. I still drive and I’ve never been in an accident (sorry you went through that, btw). But I HATE driving and I avoid it whenever possible. My hatred of driving mainly stems from anxiety.

      • Yeah, I always had anxiety issues with being in a car. My mother is a very aggressive driver, and I used to hyperventilate sometimes when I was little when I was in the car with her. But I was just starting to get comfortable driving, and feeling like this might be something I could handle, and then I had that car accident. Completely totaled my mother’s van and hurt myself — not severely — and it was all more than enough in combination with my already-existing anxiety issues to just completely TERRIFY me.

        *sigh* It’s REALLY hard to be an adult when you can’t drive though. Especially in Houston, which is NOT a good city for public transportation.

  4. Congrats on the award, Miss Amanda! And thank you for sharing it with me in such fantastique company! Saw a lot of the blogs I follow (which have also disappeared from wordpress-grrr) and some new ones to meet now too.

    P.S. I can’t believe you let your hair get to over 3 feet long! I can barely grown mine past my shoulders before “Ooohp, I’m hackin’ it again!” Shh, I’m planning a surprise chop next week. Yay!

    • You’re very welcome! I hope you enjoy some of the other blogs. And yeah… my mom says I’m addicted to my hair. Which probably isn’t too far from the truth. It’s only the physical characteristic I actually like about myself, so I take it very seriously. ^_^

      Oh, also, the blogs I follow re-appeared about an hour ago. Hopefully yours are back as well.

  5. like the letters in my bowl of alphabet soup, I think I am beginning to understand this nominate a blog….wait that “R” was a piece of a Saltine cracker…shit, gotta start over again.

    I will say, I am enjoying this un-winding chain of information…will keep it up.

    (Need to start addressing these Comments: To Whom it May Concern?)


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