Trolls, Penmonkeys, and Reading While Traveling

I don’t know why exactly, but I always read a lot when I’m traveling somewhere.  I can’t write to save my life when I’m traveling, but for some reason I read a whole hell of a lot more than a normally do.  Case in point: between leaving Houston last Wednesday and last night, I have read three and a half books on my kindle.  Why is this?  I don’t know.

It’s absolutely wonderful though, so I don’t complain.  Well, I complain about not getting any writing done while on vacation I really don’t understand why that part of my brain just cannot function while traveling but I am grateful for the chance to get some reading done.

Does anyone else have this issue?  Do you read a lot when you travel?  Or the opposite issue?  I have a friend who tends to write a TON when she travels.  Anyone else like that?

And what have I been reading?  Well, I finally got around to read Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy.  All three, in four days.  (Thanks to Angela Kulig for buying them for me.) And I am beginning to see what all the fuss is about.  The series was smart and funny, with an excellent pace.  The main character, Wendy, was likable and relatable without being too perfect.  The concept was unique seriously, who ever thought of making the secret beautiful magical kingdom with the prophesied princess a TROLL kingdom.  I will admit that I found the romantic sub-plot a little cliché how often do we have to have two wonderful, passionate, good-looking men fall in love with the heroine seemingly out of nowhere (and, of course, the heroine is attracted to both)?  However, I understand that it is a common YA and romance trope, and the characters were at least interesting enough to not make it too insipid, even if I could tell almost immediately which one Wendy was actually going to end up with.  The political intrigue/warring kingdoms plotline was interesting and played-out well, though I found the conclusion a little anti-climatic.  But all in all, it was a very enjoyable YA series that kept me entertained and kept reading, quickly and often, for the last four days.

I am also now approximately halfway through King Penmonkey Chuck Wendig’s 250 Things You Should Know About Writing, which is hilarious, insane, terrifyingly true, and amazingly useful all at once.  If you haven’t read any of Wendig’s works his books, short fiction, or blog then you need to because Chuck Wendig is a profane insane genius with every curse word in the book engraved on his golden tongue.  Go to his website: Terrible Minds, you’ll see what I mean.

Next on the list will probably be Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters.  One of these days, I’ll get around to a nice post about the brilliance that is Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

In the meantime, I continue to spend time with my family while on vacation.  I know we’re going to be very busy over the next couple days, so I may not be able to post anything on Wednesday.  I’m going to do my best, but I’m afraid we’ll just have to see.

I shall see you all when I see you.  Have a pleasant week.

2 thoughts on “Trolls, Penmonkeys, and Reading While Traveling

  1. I can’t read OR write while I’m traveling. I can’t even listen to music. Sometimes if I’m driving and my siblings are being loud, I listen to music just to block out the noise, but I really just don’t do anything but stare off into space. I have traveling. I seem to go into a trance that I can’t get out of until I get home again. Vacations are just horrible. 😛

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