I May Be Late

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wednesday’s blog my be late. Here’s the story: tomorrow morning I am leaving on a 11 day trip to Virginia to visit my dad, his wife, and my half-brother and sister. I visit them every summer, but this summer the scheduling and logistics of said-visit have been much more difficult to work out than usual. Especially since I am starting my PhD and returning to teaching on Aug 15th.

So, I’ve been running around like a maniac on a Quixotic mission for the last few days, trying to get everything taken care of before I leave. I thought I would have time to sit down this evening and write Wednesday’s blog. I have notes prepared for both Wednesday and Friday, so I thought it would be relatively easy. However, it’s a) not as easy to sift through my notes as I thought it would be, b) I’m exhausted, and c) I have to get up early tomorrow.

All of this leads to my main point: Wednesday’s blog is probably going to be late. I’m hoping I will have time to post it tomorrow evening after I’ve settled in, visited with family for a bit, etc. But it’s hard to predict those things so I can’t be certain.

Please check back in on Wednesday evening if you can. And thank you for your patience. Good night.


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