#ToBeReMo Book 1 and a Quick Update

For #ToBeReMo (“To Be Read Month” – see Suzan Isik’s blog for details), I’ve decided to try to read six books during the month of June.  The first book I read was a mystery novel by Ryne Douglas Pearson, Confessions.  Ryne Douglas Pearson is the author of several books, including Simple Simon, which was made into the movie Mercury Rising, and has worked on several screenplays as well.  The summary of Confessions from goodreads.com states:

A call in the dead of night summons Father Michael Jerome to a suburban Chicago hospital—a police officer has been shot. As department chaplain, Michael arrives to find that the officer will survive.

The same cannot be said for his assailant, who lays mortally wounded on a gurney, begging for absolution for some past sin. Offering last rites to the dying man, Michael hears his final confession and is shaken by the admission of a crime committed five years earlier.

A murder that shattered his family.

Struggling with the constraints of his faith, Michael moves cautiously as he tries to identify others involved in the vicious killing. But every secret he uncovers leads him further down a path where it becomes clear that someone is desperate for the past to stay buried.

I used to read mysteries a lot, but for the last few years I’d let that particular genre fall by the wayside. However, in the last few months I’ve been trying to pick them back up again, and Confessions was a wonderful addition to my collection.

The first-person present-tense narration was fluid, and full of character and emotion without being florid or melodramatic. The narrator/main Mike Jerome was a flawed but highly likable character who defies the strictures of his position in order to solve his sister’s murder. The murder mystery and the progression of Mike Jerome’s difficult choices kept me anxious and kept me reading. And despite my attempts, like Mike, to figure out the answer, the solution shocked me greatly. I never saw it coming. And I like a story that keeps me on my toes.

I highly recommend this novel. If I tell you I started it at 9am in the morning and finished at 8:30pm the same day (in between doing household chores and writing a blog) that should give you some indication of how much I liked it.

For my second #ToBeReMo book, I am currently reading On Dark Paths, an ebook collection of short horror stories by Andrew Kincaid.  You can expect another short review from me on that book, probably next Wednesday.

However, I have spent most of the week writing feverishly, and I am proud to say that I am almost done with the first draft of my demon-hunter WIP, tentatively titled Midnight’s Knife.  I finished Ch. 29 last night, and I think Ch. 30 will be the last (perhaps with an epilogue thrown in, though I’m not sure at this point).  I’m right in the middle of the final battle now.  I had some trouble yesterday morning diving into the scene, but once I got moving I couldn’t stop.  I wrote 6500 words yesterday alone; the words just flowed out of my fingers.  It felt a little like magic.  It was awesome.  My plan is to be done with the last chapter by Sunday, at which point I will probably take a little break to get some reading done before I begin the long process of revisions.

If you aren’t participating in #ToBeReMo, you should consider it! It’s a great motivation to get through some of the to-be-read book piles most of us have.  If you are participating, how many books are you planning on getting through?

Also, I’m always curious to know what sort of projects you all are currently working on, and what kind of progress your making.  I want to share my excitement with as many people as I can, ‘cause seriously, finally making some progress is an awesome feeling.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


One thought on “#ToBeReMo Book 1 and a Quick Update

  1. After a brief wait Save the Cat finally arrived yesterday, so I’ll make that my first book and try to add at least one or two others in. Love the idea and wish I had more time to be able to read but unless I can learn to do audio books while during my brief sleep cycles my schedule doesn’t allow more than one normal size book a week. So Robert Jordan, while a fine author, probably isn’t going to be on the list anytime soon.

    Great review and post Amanda. Best of luck with finishing the WIP and revision 🙂

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