The Awesomely Awesome Mash-Up of Awesomeness

Hello all! I spent the day with my mom today — shopping (spending too much money on books as usual), going to lunch, and otherwise relaxing.  I’d hoped to have time to do my blog post in the morning, but we left pretty early, so that didn’t happen, and instead of writing my blog last night I was at Retro Movie Night at the local Movie Tavern watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (which was AWESOME on the big screen by the way), so this is a little late, but I’ve got a quick mash-up for you today.  There were some absolutely fantastic articles posted this week, so I thought I’d share a few.

First, a very useful little article that offers advice on “How to get more ‘Likes’ on your book or author Facebook page” by Keri Jo Raz at the blog Book Talk.

Next, “Mistake 91: Run” from the insightful blog What Not to Do as a Writer by Lisa Kilian.

Then, for all the Sci-Fi/Fantasy readers out there, a list of the top nominated works of speculative fiction in 2011 to help you decide what to read next: “For the Win: A Guide to 2011’s Best of the Best” from the blog Stomping on Yeti.

Also, some advice and opinions on self-publishing from the ever-brilliant Bob Mayer“There is Gold in Self-Publishing.”

Next, a fantastic interview with Author James Rollin: “NY Times Best-Selling Cyborg or Human Geek Like Us?” from the Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

And finally two posts from the always hilarious, profane, insane, awesome Chuck Wendig: first, 12 terrifyingly accurate indications for “How to Tell if You’re a Writer,”and second, the funniest blog I’ve read in awhile (I wish I could write like this!) “Blue Eggs from Bitch Chickens (or ‘Scenes from a Farmer’s Market’).”

And there you have it folks!  Go enjoy some absolutely awesomely awesome posts and thank me later.  I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday.  Have a good weekend!


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