Places of Inspiration: Old New Castle

As some of you may know, I spent all last week visiting a friend in Delaware, and as such didn’t get any writing done.  It was a time for me to focus on my friend, who I hadn’t seen in three years (though we talk regularly online), and it was a time to recharge a little.  So, no, I didn’t get any writing done.  But I did keep my ideas percolating in the back of my brain, and I also gathered inspiration from unlikely places.

It’s fascinating to me how many random places you can gather inspiration from.  Big Cities, Little Towns, Museums, etc…  For me one of the big ones this past week was Old New Castle in Delaware.  It’s the old town section of New Castle, right on the Delaware River, filled with beautiful old Colonial style houses and government buildings, etc.  I took a ridiculous number of pictures.  It was just such a beautiful town, and it was a gorgeous warm-with-a-cool-breeze kind of day.  And as my friend and I walked around (with me clicking pictures maniacally) I realized I really want to write about a setting like this.  And when I do write about it, I want it to be more than just a setting – I want the town to become practically a character in its own right.

Pictures like these will, I hope, make that a possibility:

In what kinds of physical locations do you find inspiration?  Do you collect photos for future reference, or do you mainly rely on places you remember, or places you live in?  Any cities/towns/places in particular that you’d like to share with others?

As a side note: As it is the first of June, here are my major goals for the month:

1) Finish my demon hunter WIP, tentatively titled Midnight’s Knife

2) Start first re-write for Midnight’s Knife

3) Read 4-6 books as part of #ToBeReMo (To Be Read Month), which was started by Suzan Isik. You can read more about it here: #ToBeReMo is Back!

See ya folks on friday!

3 thoughts on “Places of Inspiration: Old New Castle

  1. I love pictures like this. I have always loved the architecture of the east coast. Hope all is well and I must apologize for the lack of activity on my blog. I have been in an interesting situation. I’ll message you on facebook about it. Anyways, glad you got to see your friend, and thank you for sharing these pictures.

  2. Places that inspire me can be so varied as to be ridiculous sometimes. For example? A friend of mine used to live in Saint Louis, and her home absolutely filled me with a drive to write, which she and I did every time I visited. On the other hand, a concert venue always thrills me and induces feverish writing afterwards as well. I don’t always take pictures, but sometimes I do. That part is always a toss-up.

  3. Yes! Concert venues are great for that! The color, the noise, all the different kinds of people. It’s great for percolating and getting ideas and images stuck in your head.

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