Recommended Reading: Forsaken by Shadow

Hello all! I’m currently in Delaware visiting one of my best friends.  I flew in on Monday morning.  Today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) we’re planning a trip to the beach, and I don’t think I’m going to bother bringing my laptop with me, so I figured I should post my usual Wednesday blog this morning before we leave.  Because I’ve been so busy preparing for the trip, and then spending time with my friend once I got here, I don’t have anything earth-shattering to share with you all today.  However, I would like to offer another little reading recommendation.

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Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan:

I bought this urban fantasy ebook novella on my Kindle, intending to read it during the flight from Houston to Delaware (despite the fact that my flight left at 7am, I woke up at 4:30am, and by all rights I should have slept the whole way).  It kept me entertained for about the first two hours of my flight, and I really enjoyed it.

Forsaken by Shadow is the first installment of what I assume will be a series of novellas (and perhaps novels?) about the Mirus – essentially a society made up of magical and mythical creatures and people, who live in secret among humans.  A few of these creatures include the usual vampires and werewolves or wolf-shifters, as they are called in the novella; they also include a few more exotic creatures like the Drakyn – who can shift with ease from human-form to dragon.  The Mirus also include the Shadow-Walkers, who have the ability to travel through shadows, which brings us to the two main characters of the novella.

Forsaken by Shadow opens with Cade Shepherd who awakens in a hotel room with burned hands and no memory of his life.  He has no idea who he is, how he got to a hotel in the middle of Las Vegas, or what he’s supposed to do.  Fast forward ten years later and despite never recovering his memories, Cade has made a life for himself as an Ultimate Fighting Champion, with a few friends and comfort, and an unabated to desire to know his past.

Enter Embry Hollister.  She knows who Cade really is.  Ten years ago Cade Shepherd was Gage Dempsey, a human taken in by Embry’s father, a Shadow-Walker, and taught the skills of the Shadow-Walkers despite laws against it.  His injured trying to protect Embry, and his memory stolen my magic.  Now Embry must return his memories in order to recruit his help as a Shadow-Walker to save her father.

This is a fun, entertaining, story with interesting likable characters.  The novella is just long enough to give the readers some time to invest in the characters and get a glimpse into the society of Mirus.  And the romantic scenes and action scenes are well-balanced.  It’s a nice way to spend a couple hours.  I’m planning to pick up the next novella in the series, Devil’s Eye.  However, I hope Kait Nolan decides to write a longer full-length novel or two in the series.  I prefer stories that build up slowly, give me time to really get into the characters, something I can sink my teeth into it, as it were.

For anyone who’s curious, here’s Kait Nolan’s website.

Has anyone around here read it already?  Or Kait Nolan’s other work?  Please add your opinions to the comments! The more the merrier.


5 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Forsaken by Shadow

  1. Thanks for the plug! Yes there are full length novels planned for the series, the first of which, Revelation, I hope to release this winter following a third novella, Riven, and an unrelated YA project called Red. I appreciate you giving me a try!

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of Kait’s writing. When I worked out that I could read e-books on my iPod Touch I went and downloaded all three of her books straight away. (It turns out the wolf-shifters aren’t actually werewolves, although I think that only comes up in the second book, Devil’s Eye.)

    I have to admit, before I read Forsaken By Shadow, I wasn’t such a fan of novellas. As you say, I wanted something longer. But that is my only beef with the format, because I love the way the action gets going so fast. To be honest, I would want all books to start this quickly, regardless of their length.

    I’ve always been fascinated by urban/paranormal fantasy, no doubt why I consider any world lacking if it doesn’t have at least one dragon, so Kait’s books hit the sweet spot dead on.

    • Yeah, I mean, I enjoy a short story or novella every once in awhile, but I sometimes feel like I’m just really getting into it when it stops. And I’ve always loved really long, involved stories. But I really enjoyed Forsaken by Shadow, so I’m definitely going to keep reading.

      And, of course, EVERYTHING is better with a dragon or two thrown in.

      Thanks for commenting!

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