Waging War and an Army of Brilliant Bloggers

US Marine Corps photo by Sgt Andrew J. Carlson (CC)

Well folks, I have been up til 3am the last few nights trying to write my way through a brick wall.  I’ve been stuck on Chapter 26 of my demon hunter WIP since tuesday, and it’s not making me a happy person.  I’m still confident in the overall plan I have for the chapter, and the story, but for someone reason I just cannot work past the last couple scenes of the chapter – I’m having trouble really SEEING how the scenes should go.  It’s driving me NUTS.  I feel like I’m waging war against the chapter.

But I suppose we all come up against something like this from time to time, and all we can really do is grit our teeth, maybe take a little break, and then try again.  So, I’m readying myself for a renewed assault.  I will conquer Chapter 26 yet!

In the meantime, I did not have the energy or focus for a fully-formed blog post today, so instead here’s a nice mash-up of a few of the blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week.

First, Angela Kulig offers a sneak peak of her upcoming YA Urban Fantasy Romance, Pigments of My Imagination, and has a drawing to win a really gorgeous bookmark.

Then, join Beth Barany on her blog tour promoting her novel Henrietta the Dragon Slayer, read an excerpt, and enter her contest to win a copy of the book and/or the necklace worn by Henrietta herself.

Lisa Kilian does NOT accept your apology in “Mistake #83: Apologize” of her list of things writers shouldn’t do.

Digital Marketing expert Mitch Joel explains why the concept of “Moving People Creates Movement” is vital to social media.

And, the always brilliant and hilarious Kristen Lamb explains why we have to kill and bury our “little darlings.”

Also, if you haven’t already, go join Kristen Lamb’s Love Revolution at the #MyWANA Twitter hashtag.

These are all brilliant blogs by brilliant bloggers.  Go enjoy them while I gird my loins in preparation for my campaign against Chapter 26.  Wish me victory!

UPDATE: As of 2pm, I have finally conquered Chapter 26! It was a long difficult battle, and I lost many good brain cells due to the chapter’s secret weapon: the brain-bashing desk.  But I have successfully infiltrated the chapter, taken its capital, and bent its subjects to my will!  From now on, I shall be known as Amanda the Conqueror!  Huzzah! (Now, to begin the preparations to conquer the neighboring country: Chapter 27.)

Also: have I completely lost my mind?  Yeah, probably.

4 thoughts on “Waging War and an Army of Brilliant Bloggers

    • Hah, I think you have to be a little crazy to begin with if you’re going to be a writer. I had a professor once who said it takes a special kind of crazy to be a writer, and a special kind of crazy to be a professor, and I have plenty of both. I’ve never been quite sure if he meant that as a compliment or not. LOL.

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