You’ve Just Made It Big! Who Do You Talk To First?

In the spirit of The Daily Post blog suggestions, which come in the form of questions each day, I have come up with a question of my own.  If you made it big and could be invited as a guest on any talk show, which one would it be, and why?

This question occurred to me as I was flipping channels yesterday and settled for awhile on Ellen.  I don’t watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show (or any talk show) consistently, but I enjoy it when I can catch it.  And I realized as I was watching that I would definitely want to be on Ellen before just about any other talk show I can think of.  I simply love how much fun Ellen DeGeneres has on her show.  She truly truly does march to her own drum, and I LOVE that.  She does some very strange things with and to her guests, which always amuses me.  And I get the feeling that she treats her employees very well, which is always plus (though, to be fair, I also get the impression that Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart treat their employees very well too).  But I simply love Ellen DeGeneres.  She’s just hilarious.  Period.

However, I would say that Jon Stewart is definitely tied with her.  And might even come first (maybe) except that I’m not sure his show counts as  a “talk show.”  It’s usually billed as a “news show” with comedy added in.  ‘Cause, you know, The Jon Stewart Show is completely AWESOME.  That man is scary smart, so hilarious, and shockingly reasonable in his political and social criticism, even when he’s being over-the-top with the humor.

So, yeah, Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart.  Two of the coolest, funniest people on television.

How about you guys?  I’d like to hear your thoughts, opinions, reasonings.  The curious want to know!


5 thoughts on “You’ve Just Made It Big! Who Do You Talk To First?

  1. Side note: This is the third friday in a row I’ve actually managed to post something! I might actually have found a schedule I can stick to! Maybe. Hopefully… *crosses fingers*

  2. Hmm, I think you took some of the good ones. I kind of have a soft spot for Craig Ferguson. If it doesn’t have to be a talk show, I might cheat and say I just want to cook something with Giada. Is that allowed?

    • A cooking show is a great idea! I personally would absolutely LOVE to cook with Guy Fieri. I LOVE HIM! He’s awesome. I’d be happy to be on either of his shows: Guy’s Big Bite, or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

  3. I agree with you there. Jon Stewart is incredible- he brings real, intelligent information to viewers in a method that entertains. I especially liked his speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity. I feel like with all the politicians bickering and fighting for dominance, here’s a man who is encouraging people to stop fighting and work together.

    I think if I were to pick a talk show… It would be either… Jon Stewart…

    … Or Space Ghost, Coast to Coast. >_>

    • Space Ghost, Coast to Coast! OMG that show was awesome! I miss that show so much. It was such a riot. Wow, haven’t thought about it in quite awhile. Brings back memories. Man…

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