World of Warcraft Invades Language Arts Class (via #EdTech Leadership)

This is an absolutely fantastic idea! I never would have thought of this, and I must applaud the teachers who were innovative enough and engaged with the students enough to do this. Thank you to #EdTech Leadership for bringing this in the spotlight!

I do not play World of Warcraft myself, but I can see the value. And, no doubt, my friends who are WoW players will especially love this.

I never would have even thought of using WOW as a learning tool in schools until I saw this post and student responses given in the project. This is the kind of outstanding risk I like seeing teachers taking to incorporate technology in the classroom.  While there should be caution when using games like this that have violence included, there is a great deal of learning involved, especially in communication with a game like this. I too play WOW f … Read More

via #EdTech Leadership

3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Invades Language Arts Class (via #EdTech Leadership)

  1. I can’t take credit for this at all. I saw the original post on It is a bold idea to use WOW as a learning tool. I sure wish this would be something I could implement at some point in time but I see parents having real issues with this. I wouldn’t as a parent as long as the curriculum was sound.

    • Well, thanks for bringing to our attention, in any case. I never would have heard about it otherwise, and I’m working toward becoming an English professor, so it connects well with my areas of interest.

  2. This is such a cool idea, I love when I hear about people in education thinking outside the box and trying new things to engage students.

    Of course, I never really considered the educational content of WoW. ^_^; I can really see how it would be a learning experience though to younger children, especially if there was a curriculum associated with it. =D

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