A Not-So Auspicious Beginning

So.  NaNoWriMo started at midnight.  I had character sketches, an plot outline, some basic world-building details worked out, and quite a bit of excitement.  I had every intention of starting right at midnight.  But, of course, you know what they say about the best-laid plans…

Having gotten practically ZERO sleep in the last three nights for a variety of reasons, spent the night on saturday at my grandmother’s to keep her company (she has yet to spend a night alone since my grandfather died), being forced to wait in a hot car for THREE HOURS on sunday while mother took a test, and then coming up on sunday afternoon to deal with obnoxious trick-or-treaters…  I was STILL absolutely planning to start writing at midnight.

And then at 8:30pm the neighborhood transformer blew.  For no reason whatsoever that anyone has been able to determine.  And the power didn’t come back on until 3am.  Now, GRANTED, my laptop still had an hour of battery-life left, and my internet router had a battery that would probably last a couple hour, so I COULD conceivably had still done about an hour of writing at midnight.  But it was completely dark, and most of notes were still on paper, and I couldn’t make coffee which I was in desperate need of (remember, I had slept in 3 days), and it was starting to get pretty damn hot after a couple hours without so much as a fan on, and I was EXHAUSTED and ANNOYED.  So finally gave up waiting at 11pm and went to sleep.

Oh well.  So, I didn’t start at midnight.  I think I’ll live.

Instead, I got up this morning, made coffee, caught the second half of Philadelphia on tv (God, that movie is DEPRESSING), did a number of chores, emailed my professors to take care of some PhD application stuff, and then sat down to start writing.  Two hours later I had 1,862 words already written.  (For those who don’t know, to write 50,000 words in 30 days, you need to write an average of 1,667 words per day.)  Now, at 6:30pm, I have 2,868 words written.  I have every intention of getting some written before I go to bed tonight.

So, despite a less-than-auspicious beginning, I think I’ve kicked off the month pretty well.  What do you think?


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