The Biggest Star Ever Seen. EVER.

I had to share this real quick because it is absolutely amazing to me.  Science, especially physics and astronomy, continually shock and excite me in ways I cannot begin to articulate.  And this was just to cool to ignore.  Here’s an excerpt from Christian Science Monitor, on the most massive stars ever seen:

Astronomers have discovered the most massive stars known, including one at more than 300 times the mass of our sun – double the size that scientists thought heavyweight stars could reach.  These colossal stars are millions of times brighter than the sun and shed mass through very powerful winds.  The stellar discovery, which represents the first time that these hulking stars were individually identified, could help astronomers understand the behavior of massive stars, and how large they can be at birth.

For anyone who’s interested, the full article is linked below:

R136a1 is the most massive star discovered so far –


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